Albumin To PrevenT I​nfection In Chronic LiveFailurE

Albumin To PrevenT I​nfection In Chronic LiveFailurE

This website has been designed and produced for use by Healthcare Professionals involved in the ATTIRE Trial. Patients: please discuss questions with the Doctor responsible for your care

​​​​ATTIRE Randomised Clinical Trial

ATTIRE is funded via the HIC fund

This is a parallel funding partnership between the Wellcome Trust and the Department of Health to stimulate the creation of innovative healthcare products, technologies and interventions and to facilitate their development for the benefit of patients in the NHS and beyond.

Albumin Treatment

ATTIRE aims to evaluate the re purposing of 20% Human Albumin Solution to prevent infection and augment the treatment of infection in acutely decompensated cirrhosis. 


The Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit at UCL will design, conduct, analyse and report high quality clinical trials and other well designed studies that fit with the research strategies of UCL and UCL Partners.

Latest News​​

  • ​463/866 RCT patients have been recruited - over half way! (August 17)
  • Outcomes of the Feasibility published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology read here
  • Feasibility study recruitment complete (10/12/15): 80th and final patient for ATTIRE stage 1 has been recruited by Basildon Hospital making feasibility study recruitment complete!
  • Feasibility Study Protocol Paper Published in BMJ Open: click here to read
  • 1st patient recruited (26/515): Dr Gavin Wright and his team at Basildon University Hospital have recruited the first ATTIRE patient - well done!

Top Recruiters!


Glasgow Royal Infirmary have taken over as the current RCT top recruiters...having only been active for a few months. The current top 5 recruiters are: Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Basildon University Hospital, The Royal Free Hospital, Royal Berkshire Hospital and Durham University Hospital. Well done! 

STAGE 1: feasibility study

Basildon University Hospital (PI Gavin Wright) were our top recruiters for ATTIRE stage 1 (feasibility study) closely followed by Bristol UH (PI Jim Portal)

Trial Overview

“Prevention of Infection & the Consequences of Infection in patients with Advanced Liver Disease”
A trial to determine whether targeting a near normal serum level of albumin (35g/l) in patients admitted with acute decompensation of cirrhosis by repeated infusion of 20% human albumin solution throughout admission (maximum of 14 days) will lessen organ dysfunction, reduce nosocomial infections and improve mortality compared to standard of care.